About Me

Matteo Gamba

Matteo Gamba

Product Management, Viral Growth, Social Media & Online Marketing


For the past 5 years I have been working on extremely challenging projects and had the opportunity to explore and understand the logic behind digital consumer products and social networks.

I love to conceptualize and actively build innovative product features to solve customers' problems, improve existing business KPIs and explore new growth opportunities to be coordinated with the marketing strategies, all while keeping a close eye on user experience with the help of data analysis.

From working in agile and autonomous startup environments, I have obtained extensive experience dealing with every different kind of shareholder on a wide variety of topics. I am confident at negotiating multiple (and often conflicting) interests, ranging from those of a team of developers and designers, to the expectations of the management, to the requirements of marketing and sales teams, always with the intent to deliver the best possible solutions to solve customer problems.