Matteo, your next hire
Sep 2008 - Mar 2011
Bocconi University (Milan)
Master of Science in Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology - EMIT
Aug 2009 - Dec 2009
University of Florida (Gainesville)
Master of Arts (fall semester) in International Business - MAIB
Sep 2005 - Oct 2008
Bocconi University (Milan)
Bachelor in Economics and Social Sciences - DES
  • Italiano (native)
  • English (proficient)
  • Español (basic)
Hey, I'm Matteo!
Berlin, Germany · Airbnb member since June 2011

For the past 5 years I have been working on extremely challenging projects and had the opportunity to explore and understand the logic behind digital consumer products and social networks.

I love to conceptualize and actively build innovative product features to solve customers' problems, improve existing business KPIs and explore new growth opportunities to be coordinated with new marketing strategies, all while keeping a close eye on user experience with the help of data analysis.

From working in agile and autonomous startup environments, I have obtained extensive experience dealing with every different kind of shareholder on a wide variety of topics. I am confident at negotiating multiple (and often conflicting) interests, ranging from those of a team of developers and designers, to the expectations of the management, to the requirements of marketing and sales teams, always with the intent to deliver the best possible solutions to solve customer problems.

PS: I also run and write on All About Airbnb and I am a top writer about Airbnb on Quora.

Working Experience
  • Jan 2015 - May 2016 (London)
    Product Manager @TransferWise
    Product for the growth and marketing teams, focused on increasing the customer base through the exploration of new acquisition & retention channels (referral program, SEO, social, PPC, affiliate marketing campaigns...).
  • Nov 2014 - Dec 2014 (Berlin)
    Product Advisor - Mobile App @CouchSport
    Consulting work to help the company launch Tippn, a brand new iOS mobile app that redefines the football betting experience introducing simple gamified mechanics to engage and entertain users.
  • Dec 2013 - Nov 2014 (Berlin)
    Product Manager @Patience
    Building the core an easy to use SaaS platform that allows anybody to quickly create their own e-learning website to publish and sell digital courses and teach online.
  • Dec 2012 - Nov 2013 (Berlin)
    Product Manager @Wimdu
    Working with a team of developers and designers to prioritize and deliver features and improvements for the marketing, content and operations departments; UX/UI enhancements to the website to improve key metrics & KPIs; A/B testing & Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Mar 2012 - Feb 2013 (remote)
    Social Media Consultant @ESP
    Setup of the online advertising channels and implementation of the social media strategy for the company & its clients.
  • Nov 2011 - Dec 2012 (Berlin)
    CRM, Social & Growth @Wimdu
    Management and improvement of the global CRM & email marketing strategy; implementation & direction of a multi-channel social media strategy.
  • May 2011 - Oct 2011 (Milan)
    Business Development & Online Marketing @Wimdu
    In charge of multiple Online Marketing channels for the Italian market (Social Media, strategic cooperations, PR, SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing, Facebook ads, newsletters).
  • Feb 2010 - Apr 2010 (Milan)
    Risk Management Intern @Allianz
    Main focus on the implementation of strategies to reduce the increased risk that followed the introduction of class action legislation in Italy.
  • Nov 2009 - Dec 2009 (USA)
    GatorNest Program @InfoTech
    Strategic consulting to discover new market opportunities for the BidExpress product.
  • Jan 2008 - Feb 2009 (Milan)
    Event Manager @ESP
    Management of the selection process and promotion of the music event "Student's Live Party".


I had the pleasure of working with Matteo during his time at Wimdu. Matteo is extremely committed and always goes the extra mile to get a project done. Matteo has a deep understanding of the product inside and out, always proactively taking initiative to learn more. He is a great asset to any team.

July 2014, managed Matteo

I worked with Matteo directly in the Product Team for 2 years. He is a smart, super-dedicated Product Manager with the rare combination of both technical understanding (HTML, CSS, SQL) as well as a sharp eye for UX/UI Design. His passion for apps and basically everything on the WWW made him an extremely resourceful and creative asset to the team.

July 2014, worked directly with Matteo

Matteo was a cross department hero at Wimdu, aware of what was going on inside the company as well as outside in the business. A valuable asset for any team who need things done quick and well.

May 2014, worked directly with Matteo

Matteo is a dedicated, creative Product Manager who delivers intelligent solutions to complex problems. His broad skill set and sharp eye for detail ensure that he covers all bases when it comes to managing projects. Matteo is particularly talented at combining his technical know-how with his creative ideas, and is happy to get stuck into every challenge. In addition to this, his friendly and outgoing nature make him a great person to work with. Having worked with him on many tasks, I can fully recommend him as an employee.

September 2013, worked directly with Matteo

If you can call somebody passionate about his work - it is definitely Matteo. He is a highly creative and self-motivated employee with a lot of talents. He is flexible and therefore he has experiences in different departments. While I worked with him at Wimdu it was Social Media, CRM as well as some support on the Italian PR. He developed great campaigns and content for the social media channels. He supported the PR Team by brainstorming for new ideas and also by contacting journalist to sell the releases.

He has no problem with new challenges - he adopts easily and is a great teamplayer. His second passion besides work is probably travel , therefore he fits very well in that industry.

July 2014, worked directly with Matteo

Even though wimdu is not a small company (~250 people), Matteo knows probably every single detail of how the company operates. Starting from customer support, social networks, SEO up to CRM and all kinds of emails being sent to customers he could tell you in the middle of the night how is it organised. I really enjoyed working with together and I hope our career paths crosses one day again

December 2013, worked in Matteo's dev team

In the 8 months working together, Matteo proved to be an extremely dedicated colleague, tireless and careful to minimal details. He has a lot of insights to share and a deep technological understanding making him a very versatile professional.

December 2013, worked directly with Matteo

Matteo has been a great colleague and is a loss to Wimdu in general. I've worked closely with him in the last months on SEO/Product projects.

If I have to outline what Matteo is all about, I'd say that he is an impressively clever and passionate guy about his work. Always spending time reading articles after work on his iPad: he has clearly dedicated most of his life in the last 2 years and half to become better, digest a large quantity of informations about the company he was working for and about Product, Social Media, CRM especially.

He is clever in the sense that he has the answer to many questions and always manages to come up with workarounds and solutions. He pays a lot of attention to details and manages to structure complicated mechanisms and tries to break them down to simpler ones.
Finally, even when things get frustrating from time to time, he is barely ever complaining and he's a man of actions and solutions.

But he was not only appreciated at Wimdu for his skills and suggestions but also because he has great skills in communicating and building relationships with his coworkers. I personally don't know anyone that would criticize him and he always tried to make himself useful and efficient to others. Last but not least, as a proof of his networking and people skills, he always manages to get invited to every possible team event, just because everybody likes him! ;-)

December 2013, worked with Matteo on SEO projects

Matteo is highly proactive and persistent when it comes to solving problems. He will study through the very last detail of the project and come up with great solutions. His friendly attitude and social skills make him a great connector within the company. While looking for various data, Matteo always had several useful sources at hand which proved how well he knows every aspect of the business. His engagement repeatedly goes beyond standard expectations which makes him a strong addition to any team

December 2013, worked with Matteo in the Product team

Matteo started to work at Wimdu in the Milan office, but he rapidly escalated his way up till covering the role of Product Manager in Berlin thanks to excellent analytical skills, a strong reliability and availability plus a very appreciated "can do" attitude, which ensure that the job gets done with a positive energy and a smile.

He also showed quite a flexibility being able to quickly adapt to different tasks and volunteering to assist in other areas of company operations. Moreover his ability to remain unflustered during frenzied periods proved his ability to work well under pressure.

Finally Matteo established a tight relationship with all the other employees, ending up being highly respected by the people who worked with him, therefore he could be a tremendous asset for any organisation

December 2013, worked with Matteo

I have the pleasure of working with Matteo, although young has already gathered much experience in his field, he is dynamic and tireless, perfectly bilingual also has excellent teamwork in a international environment. Matteo works in a extremely innovative IT field and I think the most competent person I know in this area.

January 2012, worked with Matteo

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Guys, why isn't this guy already working for us??? Click on the button on the top right now!

I totally agree with Joe, I'm even surprised not to see Matteo already here in San Francisco...

I met Matteo when I was visiting Berlin in January, it was very cool talking to him. Being a great host I'm sure he would also perfectly fit in the team!